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Emergency Services


As Stated in the "CAP's Three Primary Missions" page:

Emergency Services is a major part of CAP's program.

In Squadron 602 you have to receive Ground Team 3, Mission Radio Operator, or Mission Staff Assistant to be eligible to receive your Cadet promotion of Cadet Staff Sergeant. This helps us help the community by making sure that we have a team of trained individuals in case disaster strikes.

Cadets and Seniors will have opportunities to test their gear and skills on Field Training Exercises (FTXs). At these FTXs they will be able to learn new things as well as have fun and meet new people while in a supervised environment. 

Cadets and Senior members can be "called out" on Search and Rescue (SAR) missions to assist local EMS/Police/Fire/Rescue teams to find missing persons or downed aircraft. They may also be called to assist during larger missions involving the FEMA/National Guard/Coast Guard/or Military SAR teams for natural disasters and recovery efforts. 

Senior Pilots/Teams may also assist in counter drug operations. During these Drug Demand Reduction (DDR) missions the members work closely with law enforcement to assist in finding growing fields and buildings and report back so that law enforcement can handle that situation. We do not make arrests and we do not confront the person(s) with it. 

SAFETY is our #1 priority when our members are on missions. Any mission can be stopped at any time.


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